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I’m Back!

I haven’t written anything in forever, the truth is, I’ve been in prison… only kidding. First, let me say that being a mom of 2 is seriously busier than I ever dreamed it could be. Totally worth it though. My daughter has grown and matured so much in the past year, she is smart, funny, and I can honestly say that she is someone I’d want to hang out with even if I didn’t have to. 

Such a little trooper, the day after these pictures she ended up with the flu, which explains her puffy eyes.

My son, Tyler, is the exact opposite of Juliana, while she is more laid back, he is high strung and full of energy. He loves to be held (as long as I am standing up) and he loves to mess with cords, remotes, and most other things that he shouldn’t have. Already,in his short year of life, I have had to save him from choking more than once, and he’s been close to getting stitches twice! He is a sweet little boy though, and most importantly, he is crazy about his momma. 

Look at those eyes! He is going to be a little lady killer.

My husband’s work schedule is the same as it’s always been, meaning that he just doesn’t have one, he works whenever they need him… which is apparently all the time. Even though he works a lot, we are doing alright, we have our ups and downs but that’s marriage. 

And now for the reason you are reading this post, the past year has been a year of change for me. In January, I had my second baby (which is a big enough change on it’s own) and in late March, I stepped into the children’s director position at our church. In the beginning, I was serving as a volunteer because someone needed to do it, and I thought I would enjoy it.

Some of our team at a conference in Atlanta

I didn’t just enjoy it though, I fell in love with it. First, I get to spend my time pouring into and encouraging children. I get to spend my time with people who are passionate about children, and I get to hang out with some of the funniest, smartest, and most amazing people I have ever met, on a daily basis. It’s also pushed me out of my comfort zone… In the first month as kid’s director, I had to leave my kids and travel to Atlanta for 2 nights, with 5 other people. I shared a hotel room with 3 women, and I would silently cry at night in the shower because I missed my kids. It probably sounds terrible, but honestly the teip was awesome and I am already excited to go back to Atlanta in April! Next, I don’t even pray in front of my husband, so the first time I had to pray in front of a group of people, I broke out in hives and ended the prayer with “thank you so much.” I have to have difficult conversations with people, and I have to reach out to people that I barely know. More than any of that, I have had to ask people for help, which is HARD. I should add that, everytime I have made my way out of my comfort zone, I have been rewarded for it.

At our last event, we met Jon Acuff (author and speaker), because I saw him and actually asked for a picture!

More recently, I have been hired as part of the staff! I can honestly say that I actually love going to work everyday. I am NOT a morning person, but on the days that I work I pop out of bed at 6 am, it’s crazy. My children now attend daycare 3 days a week, and they are asjusting well. I’ve lost all but 5 pounds of my baby weight, and cut my hair and dyed it darker. I am still working on being my best self, lately I have been trying to be better at speaking my truth, and being heard. Somedays are better than others, but everyday is a good day. I’m going to start trying to write again, but for now I just wanted to catch you guys up on my life!

New hair!


2 comments on “I’m Back!

  1. Paul
    January 31, 2017

    Welcome back! Good to hear things are going well!


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