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Tyler James

      The past few months have been a whirlwind of excitement, exhaustion, and change. First, we had  baby boy, his name is Tyler James. Following in his sister’s footsteps, he came early, almost 4 weeks. He stayed in the NICU for a total of 6 longs days, the first two were the worst because they hardly let me see him.

     I went for a routine doctors appointment on January 11th, and my blood pressure was high. They sent me straight to the hospital just to be monitored, but by the end of the day the doctor decided he would be inducing me. I was very obviously freaked out, mainly because we were so early. I was also freaked out because his nursery wasn’t finished (my shower was 2 days prior), we didn’t have a car seat, and we had not agreed on a middle name. Luckily, the wonderful people that Derrick works with came together to buy us a car seat and some clothes.
      Back to my story, he was coming and I was scared. On the morning of January 12th, I was induced. Around the third hour or so I was begging for pain medicine, because I’m a wimp and I wanted a nap. I was really nervous about getting the epidural, the first time I had one I was high as a kite on pain meds, so it didn’t bother me, but this time, I was sober as a bird… A very freaked out bird. When I’m nervous, I make jokes, that delivery room became my stage. Luckily, the guy who gave me my epidural was laid back, and even made jokes himself. After I got the juice, I took a long nap, from which I was awoken by sharp stabbing pains that could only be described as Satan himself burrowing out of my belly button (other people call these contractions). I got more drugs, but they must have been placebos because they didn’t work. After a few hours, or maybe minutes (I don’t really know)… It was time to push, and the doctor was in another delivery. My nurses kept telling me not to push, and I kept explaining that not pushing was not an option. My only thought was “get him the hell out of me.” I may have yelled said this a few times as well. Finally the doctor arrived and at 6:10 pm the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen came into the world. He had a lot of trouble breathing, so they let me see him for maybe 10 seconds and rushed him away to the NICU.
     I spent the rest of the night crying, sleeping, and asking the nurse when I could see him. The next morning, I finally got to peek in on him, but couldn’t hold him.


Day 1

     I finally got to hold him on the second day, they allowed me to nurse him every three hours, but other than that he had to be in his little bassinet.
     On the third day, I was allowed to hold him whenever I wanted, so I spent the rest of my hospital stay in a plastic rocking chair, behind a screen, holding him. I was there so often that my nurses didn’t notice the iv port in my hand until I asked them to remove it. I also am not quite sure that I was actually ever discharged. Nevertheless I had to go home two days before Tyler did, those were the hardest days. I left my house every morning at 7:00 and got home every night around 7:00, we ate dinner, I’d tuck Juliana into bed, and I’d cry myself to sleep.


Just hanging out in the NICU

     The day Tyler came home was like Christmas for me. I was up at the crack of dawn!  Juliana was so excited to meet her baby brother, and I was excited to have him home. We postponed visitors until the next day, and spent the day as a family.


Brother and Sister

     Needless to say, Juliana is in love with her little brother, she has named him TT, and she is my big helper. We love him so much and we are so thankful that he is OK.


He's grown so much!

     Now that things have settled around here, I hope to get back to writing more often, because I have really missed it. I will end this post with more pictures, because I’m a mom and that’s what we do.





My sweet girl



2 comments on “Tyler James

  1. Paul
    March 24, 2016

    Congratulations!!! He’s adorable. And has a great sense of style!


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