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Love One Another

I should go ahead and warn you that this isn’t my typical sarcastic, and or fun writing style, and you may be offended by what I have to say. Before I begin, I feel like I should explain everything that I see going on in our Country, right now, since some of the people who follow this blog do not live in America. First, recently we had a shooting of 9 African Americans by a white guy, we have had numerous African Americans killed by police (I will not get into whether or not it was justified, because it is a very hot topic) (I will say that I have the utmost respect for all of our men and women who wear the uniform), The confederate flag was taken down at the courthouse in South Carolina leaving many southerners (of both races, surprisingly) upset, last Friday 5 members of our military were killed by a Muslim extremist (our president may not say it, but I will, I use the word extremist because I truly believe that not all Muslims are terrorist, many are peace loving, good people), to top all of that off, our “commander in Chief” refused to order flags flown at half-staff, until today. On another front, same sex marriage is now legal, and the head of Planned Parenthood was caught selling aborted baby parts, now you are all caught up.

Now, scrolling through Facebook, these are the issues I see, one after another, someone is complaining about something. Most of the posts happen to do with racism or the confederate flag, African Americans are complaining because white people copied some part of their style, white people are pissed that they took our flag, and I am just over here like “hey, I took my daughter to the museum today.” As I scroll through, it saddens me to see the state of our nation, it saddens me to see so many people hurt and pissed off at each other, it saddens me to see friendships ending and people being so hurtful to one another, and above all else, it saddens me that my two year old daughter who loves everyone is going to grow up in a world filled with hate and anger. As I watch all of the things around me, one thing comes to mind “love one another,” it was the greatest and most important command in the bible, it is also simultaneously the easiest and most difficult command to keep.

Love one Another, even when it isn’t easy.

Love those who have offended you, seriously let it go, they probably have no idea anyway.

Love those who don’t look like you, we are all created in the image of God, so who are you to say anything about the way another person looks?

Love the homosexuals.

Love the republicans… and the democrats for that matter.

Love the people who have less than you, and more than you.

Love those who are different.

Love those who don’t love you.

Love the young people and the old people.

Love the homeless.

Love the atheist, and the agnostic.


I don’t think you have to agree with their opinion, or their lifestyle, but you don’t have to attack them either. I think the best example I can give here is the same sex marriage deal, people were attacking homosexuals, and others were attacking them. If you so badly disagree with homosexuality, and you are so worried about their burning in hell (as some of you so graciously put it) why not invite them to Church and let God do the rest. Here’s a newsflash for you though… if you keep posting stuff like that on Facebook, they aren’t going to come to your church, Hell I don’t even think I want to come to your church. I truly believe that only God can fix people, only God can fix nations, and only God can heal hearts… but you are not doing him any favors by saying hateful stuff.

The point is that we have all become so wrapped up in the “importance” of our opinions that we have forgotten to even consider the opinion of God. We are so wrapped up in our Religion that we have forgotten about loving God and serving him. We have forgotten to care about the homeless and the children, we have forgotten to take care of the widows and the poor people. We have completely ignored the people who don’t live in our country, but honestly, I am not surprised as we haven’t really tried to help our neighbors out either. Do you have any idea how many children as young as 2 have been sold or given away by Isis as sex slaves? I highly recommend looking that up, it’s disturbing to say the least. I am writing this post to encourage you to Love someone this week, in place of spreading hate on Facebook. Spend the time you’d normally use reposting something and take a meal to a homeless person, give some clothes to goodwill, volunteer at the child advocacy center or crisis pregnancy. Tomorrow my daughter and I will be donating clothes, because I cannot think of a better way to teach her to love others, than by demonstrating it.


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