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     First let me preface this with, this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to watch movies. About a year ago, I watched the movie “Wanderlust” it’s about a man and woman who move from New York City down to somewhere in Georgia, where they accidentally end up spending the night at a commune, and they decide to stay. Obviously there is more to the plot line than just that, but that’s the part you need to know in order to understand my story.
     After watching that movie, I decided that I wanted to join a commune. This made me wonder if I were crazy, because I once met a lady who had been in a commune and she was really weird. I don’t think I am as weird as she was, but honestly, do weird people ever actually know how out there they are? So now I don’t know, but I digress. I began researching communes nearby, and they all seemed really weird. The one thing that drove me crazy was that they all said that they were “intolerant of intolerance,” this wording in and of itself pissed me off, because it’s not possible since being intolerant of intolerance would, in fact, make you intolerant. I decided not to join any, although there was a really awesome commune in Georgia, where everyone had their own homes, called Serenbe. I loved the idea of Serenbe because it’s more of an intentional community, where you live and work, and they have restaurants and all sorts of different little districts, you should check it out, the problem was that I am too poor to live there, since most homes start at $500,000.00.
I thought of setting up a go fund me account, but I didn’t really think anyone would donate to such a cause. After I gave up my dream of living in Serenbe, I decided to start my own commune… or as I like to call it my “plan b in case everything goes south.” I told my husband about my plan, and he has always wanted a mini farm, so he was on board. But then came the wrench in my plan, during one of my conversations about my community, I told him that I would be the president, but he wanted to be the president. We began bickering over who would be the president, and I decided that, as the president (it was my idea), that I was giving up the idea.
     Fast forward to a couple days ago, and everything going on in Greece, I’ve decided to start my own commune again, but I’m gonna let my people vote on who gets to be the president. So here’s how it’s going to work:
      I will buy a bunch of land. There are thousands of acres for sale in places like Wyoming. It’s out in the middle of nowhere, and I’d prefer somewhere in the south, but worst case scenario I will move to Wyoming. The next step would be the most difficult part, I’d have to recruit people, luckily my friend base has a lot of talent. I need a few hippies who know about organic gardening, and raising animals. I need 1 doctor, because we will be far from most towns. I already pretty much specialize in herbal medicine so that’s covered. I need a teacher for the children, a preacher for my community church (preferably non denominational), I will need quite a few farm hands, and construction people. Last, but most certainly not least, I will need a few good men (or women), who are skilled with weaponary. Like I said, this is my plan b for if it all goes south, so weapons will be important.
     There will be very few rules in my commune. First, no “free love” or sharing significant others of any kind, it’s not that kind of commune and that’s how fights start. Second, children are not allowed to have electronics, I don’t think children under the age of 15 need them, and we need children who are physically active. Third, be as intolerant as you want, but do it behind closed doors, because we don’t need any fights. Last, because I will likely be the president, I would like to go ahead and explain that it will be a true democracy where we all vote and the majority wins. There will be no supreme court, senate, or electoral college… it won’t be big enough anyway.
     I think that my little community would be the best community in the entire world, and if we had enough members the work wouldn’t be too hard. Everyone would get to eat, no one would have to leave and go to work, and stress would be minimal. We would most definitely have running water, power, and the internet as well.
     If you’ve seen the movie, Wanderlust, I should clarify a few things: 1. We will be eating meat (only if you want to, I’m fine with just eggs). 2. Drug use will not exactly be prohibited, I’m not opposed to people smoking pot, although harder drugs will not be allowed (I don’t need any meth heads stealing my solar panels). 3. We will all have our own separate homes, where we can go anytime to get away from everyone.
     I have already filled a few spots including 2 hippy organic gardeners, two weapons specialists, 1 doctor ( a Physicians assistant really… but he will do), and some laborers. But if you’re interested in joining my community (whenever it begins), please sign up below, be sure to include your specialty. Signing up below is not legally binding, so no worries if you change your mind.

PS: I’m only half kidding about this, because I seriously think it would be awesome!


3 comments on “Wanderlust?

  1. Ray Dawson
    July 7, 2015

    I’ve thought about the same thing. Sometimes the idea of building something a bit more simple is fun. Sign me up as a weapons specialist.


    • Lyndsi
      July 7, 2015

      Awesome, you’re in! I think that a simple life with less stuff would be great, and I think that it would be nice to not have to worry about the economy so much, it’s pretty scary to think about what would happen if our stores ran out of food… right now I’d have to live on a couple very small cucumbers and whatever is in my refrigerator :\

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ray Dawson
        July 7, 2015

        We got a freezer for just that reason, still, we only have a week or two of supplies available. I think Wyoming is a great choice, not many people up there.

        Liked by 1 person

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