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Day 23: Describe the type of people you are attracted to:

I am not really sure about whether this means type of people, as in, people that I want to sleep with, or as in people who I want in my life, but I don’t really think they are very different as far as personalities go. When I was younger, I chose my boyfriends based on tattoos and piercings, or the car they drove, and I chose my friends based on people who were nice to me… but it changed. I realized that the number of tattoos on a guy should have no bearing on my decision to spend the rest of my life with someone, and that everyone whose nice to me isn’t always cut out to be a part of my life. So, if I were making a list, this would be it:

1. Ambitious: They don’t have to necessarily be rich, but they need to have goals. I have spent too much time with people whose life plan is to keep doing what they are doing, and that is boring. I want to be around people who are excited about life and their future.

2. Cultured: I watch my share of reality tv, but “like, omg, I don’t give a crap about the Kardashians ok” if you only want to talk about Kim K. or what the housewives are up to, I will die of boredom. I am attracted to people who can have real conversations about things going on in the world, they don’t have to be scholars, just up to date on current events.

3. Kind: People tend to rub off on me, so I prefer kind people, because if I am around someone who is just plain mean or someone who gossips too much, I tend to become like them. I’m not saying that I am perfect, my best friend and I do our share of gossiping, but it’s rare and typically we only share actual facts with each other (I don’t know if that counts).

4. Charitable: The people that surround me are really blessed, I mean we’re not rich by any stretch, but compared to others, we are doing well. I love helping people who are less fortunate, and I love doing it with my friends.

5. Hardworking: This mainly applies to those I want to sleep with… I don’t care how hot or funny a guy is… if he can’t keep a job, and we can’t pay our bills, nobody’s laughing.

6. Honest: I can’t stand being lied to, or being around someone that I am pretty sure is being fake. I am most attracted to people who don’t put on the date face, they are who they are, all the time.

7. Loyal: I am attracted to people who are loyal to the people in their life all the time. Basically, when someone talks crap about their “friends” to me, I begin to wonder what they tell them about me when I am not around. Also, I am attracted to people who have my back through everything, no matter what.

8. Drama free: I cannot deal with constant drama, frankly, I try to steer clear of anyone who constantly talks about hating drama… because typically those people tend to have the most drama. In my (not so) humble opinion, drama is a choice and some people choose it.

and last, but possibly most importantly,

9. Positive people: Negativity breeds negativity, I am attracted to people who see the silver lining because they help me to see it.


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